I found this story on a confessions site on the deep web titled “Rot”…I had to use a translator as it was written in Russian and rewrite it to make more sense as it was hard to follow. I hope you enjoy this sick twisted tale.

Right now I wish I could tell you how I feel, but you cannot hear me. I want to keep you near me, but as much as I want you around, I just cannot. When you came over that day, you just looked so beautiful, I knew you were my love instantly, so I could not just let you leave. Besides it was cold outside and these houses are far apart and the wolves if caught may not have let you go.

So what else could I do but insist you stay. You refused, you pushed my love away. Albeit maybe it wasn’t right for me to grab you, but everything within me said I owned you. I tied you up,and made you take me inside of you, I could feel by the wetness, you wanted it. Sure you cried that this isn’t what you wanted, but you only put up a little bit of a fight. If you were serious you would have found a way to avoid penetration, yet you didn’t. So it let me know you were just being playful.

Then day after day I would come in multiple times and eventually you would just let me do what I wanted and the sex and relationship just became boring. I tried to tell you and to warn you to be more into it but you just lay there like you were dead. No fight, no moaning, no more playfulness. This is the beatings began, it was the only way to make you move and fight and be playful again. Even that eventually stopped. So the beatings became more and more.

One day I guess the beatings were too much because I was inside of you so hard and deep and it started feeling cold and you started to urinate on me. I turned you around and your lips were blue, so I finished what I was doing and left you there.

I knew you were dead but you still looked beautiful, just like you were asleep so I would lay with you and take you again and again! It was so intense! That was until about 5 days later, your body started to swell up and you had blisters all over your body and you were starting to smell, I tried to bath you, but it did nothing to help! Then your stomach popped open, and shit and blood went everywhere, so I took you under my house. Looking at your skin now all green and red you are no longer the woman I fell in love with.

I just want you back with me the way we used to be, but you are no more than a waste, skin turning into liquid, into rot. I confess I had love and didn’t know how to keep it alive. Now she is nothing more than a carcass, something I now have to get away from me and I cannot even tolerate the smell or look of her. Fuck I miss her, but all she now is rot!

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