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Nen : A Technology that Enhance Human Abilities.
By Pakka M. Jodinshi.

Nen is a technique that consists of voluntary keeping muscles contracted (flexed) around specific singularities in the body to induce, control and maintain an enhanced emotional/mental/instinct state.

The first singularity of Nen: Sen.

The most important singularity in Nen is the core of the body: the front of the heart. On Pressure-point map, it’s around the Kyo-Sen. This singularity is where our emotions and sentiments are located. And the muscles around it, is the upper abdominal muscles.

Sen consist of continuously keeping the upper abdominal hardly contracted and concentrate the muscle strength around the front heart singularity.

When using this the first time, the first immediate effect is that the perception of time change. The time will be felt very slow. Seconds will feel like minutes, minutes feel like hours, hours feel like days, days feel like weeks. But the overall time (Also for Nen in general) will be felt logarithmically classified by level of usage in this list :

Level 1 0.001220703125 (~10 sec)
Level 2 0.00244140625 (~20 sec)
Level 3 0.0048828125 (-45 sec)
Level 4 0.009765625 (~1 min 30 sec)
Level 5 0.001953125 (~3 min)
Level 6 0.00390625 (~5 min)
Level 7 0.0078125 (~10 min)
Level 8 0.015625 (~20 min)
Level 9 0.03125 (45 min)
Level 10 0.0625 (1h 30 min)
Level 11 0.125 (3 hours)
Level 12 0.25 (6 hours)
Level 13 0.5 (12 hours)
Level 14 1 (1 day)
Level 15 2 (2 days)
Level 16 4 (~1/2 week)
Level 17 8 (~1 week)
Level 18 16 (~1/2 month)
Level 19 32 (~1 month)
Level 20 64 (~2 months)
Level 21 128 (~1/3 year)
Level 22 256 (~2/3 year)
Level 23 512 (~1 year)
Level 24 1024 (~3 years)
Level 25 2048 (~5 years)
Level 26 4096 (~10 years)
Level 27 8192 (~20 years)
Level 28 16384 (~50 years)
Level 29 32768 (~90 years)
Level 30 65536 (~180 years)
Level 31 131072 (~360 years)
Level 32 262144 (~720 years)
Level 33 524288 (~1440 years)

This classification can be reduce to three phases:

Phase 1 : From 10 sec to 1h 30 min (Level 1 to Level 10)
Phase 2 : From 1h 30 min to 2 months (Level 11 to Level 20)
Phase 3 : From usage longer than 2 months (Level 21 to Level 33)

In the first phase, the first effect is changing in time perception. Because you’re mentally active and concentrated to one task which is contracting strongly the singularity and maintain a stable high contraction. Your brain will be so active that many regions will be triggered and new neural connections will be made to adapt to this task. Until this change in time perception will no longer be limited to time, but your perception of space will also change. Your awareness of your environment will increase. Your vision will widen. You will be aware of specific details on objects close to you; like the color red of the coffee cup, the shape of the spoon, the sound of people around. After the change in the perception of time and space, the perception of yourself comes next. You will be calm, confidence, with more self-esteem, you will be aware of how you breathe, how you talk, how you move, how you think and how you feel all those feeling and that for each second passed contracting the singularity.

Then there is the second phase, where you will need to do your daily activities simultaneously with Sen and try to maintain the concentration and the effects without anyone noticing or sense a difference. A daily activity like how to maintain a long conversation with friends, reading a book or playing video games. It’s challenging at first, but with time you will reach a good control over it. And when mastered it, you will have more awareness and consciousness than before of those activities, like in conversation you will be aware more things like how you chose words, how you pronounce it, how your mouth move when you pronounce it, how is your feeling in that moment, how is the reaction of your friends, how they feel when they have reacted in that way, and many other aspects. After, the daily activity with Sen, come the challenge to sleep with Sen to maintain the continuity of muscles contraction between days. And this is the most challenging part of the technique, but the most beneficial, because it will improve your sleeping quality, and maintain your memory and consciousness state until the next day. You will wake up like you have time traveled to the future, with no memory black hole nor alteration in the conscious state. While using Sen, you are mentally active, and it’s possible that you will not feel sleepy at all, but sleeping at least 6 hours a day is very important for your health. You can sleep on your back or on your sides, but I recommend on your back, because you abdominal will be flat, and it’s easy to maintain the contraction in that position. When maintain the contraction on Sen, close your eyes, relax and meditate. Try to not lose your contraction while you are awake and conscious, if you keep the contraction you will fall asleep, then wake up the next day and your abdominal will be still contracted and the concentration in Sen is being still maintained. And if it happens, you will feel the difference.

And now the 3rd and final phase of Sen. The time when you have been contracting the singularity more than 2 months, continuously, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, week after week. Maintaining this high consciousness over the singularity, the core of emotions, will have a great effect over it. The amplitude of all your multidimensional emotional waves made by the singularity; fear, anger, disgust, sadness, surprise, anticipation, trust, joy, will be absorbed with the contraction and reduced logarithmically close to zero. Until you will be intrigued that you have lost all your emotions; the thought that your are no longer “human”. But as there is no absolute zero heat in the universe. There is no absolute zero emotions in humans. In fact, it’s just the scale of emotions that its reduced: rage to annoyance, loathing to boredom, terror to apprehension, amazement to distraction, admiration to acceptance, ecstasy to serenity, vigilance to interest. With Sen you are protecting your soul from external destructive emotions. The same applies to the seven deadly sins : Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. As a Sen user, you must avoid the sins at all cost, especially Pride. It’s deadlier to you than the non users. Using Sen, is like you are enveloping your soul with your hand, protecting it from external harm and let it amplify and grow healthy. If you voluntarily let a sin get inside, it can be locked in the Sen and be amplified. Until it reaches a deadly loop, which is : As long as I Sen, I Sin. That’s why, as long you use use Sen, you should be conscious of every emotion you feel for everyday life, and that continuously for every instant. And if you feel triggered, you should fast contract harder the muscles and the singularity at the maximum possible. And concentrate in the singularity, and try to let the contraction absorb the trigger/emotion/sin-temptation and free yourself from its effect. And if it’s done correctly, you will feel like you have not even been triggered in the first place. With practice, this procedure can be automatic for your conscious and done in a fraction of a second.

Now you have mastered your emotions with Sen. The barriers and emotional limitations in mind can be broken. You can meditate to any subject, think of any though, replay any remembered memories. And with only Sen, it’s possible to recover from past traumatic events, by replay the memory deep inside while using Sen, and try to protect yourself from its harmful effect. And doing this often many times when meditating, makes the memory less and less harmful, until it became as neutral as other memories. And by doing this for every single memory, you will free your mind from any negative emotion. This way, you use Sen not only to protect yourself from outside events. But also from inside.

And this is Sen.

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