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Now for some FAQ’s! F.A.Q.

Fucking Annoying Questions

Last-Modified In your moms arse!

01. Will you teach me how to hack?

Yes. We just sit around waiting for those willing students with the
courage and visionary genius to ask that question. And now, for a mere
$1337/hour, we will teach you how to hack.

What? You can’t afford our low hourly rate because you promised to take
your girlfriend to ice-capades? We find that very hard to believe. No
girl would be with you.

Ok, we like your suave style anyway, so we’re going to let you in on a
little secret. There is an actual shortcut to learning how to hack. No,
it’s not pestering us with asinine questions like “How do I hack?”. Here
it is: learn a skill such as programming, networking, unix, electronics,
telecommunications, or anything else you feel you have a passion for…
by the time you become competent in your chosen area and you still want
to “hack” you will realize you have already learned how.


02. I can’t figure out how to Redbox, will you help me?

No. If you want to be a criminal you will have to figure that out on your
own. And if you can’t even figure out how to Redbox, your life of crime
will certainly be a short-lived one.


03. Will you (hack, ruin, deface, rape, kill, or otherwise fuck over) my
(boss, school, bank, puppy, government, ircfags, or little sister)?

Sheesh, at least try offering money when asking people to commit crimes
for you. Regardless, no, you will have to do your own dirty work.

It should also be noted that we do not do web defacement’s. Any defacement’s
attributed to Takedownman are surely the work of Takedownman DWO worshipers.


04. Will you crack this software for me?

What website are you looking at? No.


05. Can I be a member of Takedownman Ent Inc?

If you have made significant contributions to the TEI community
and possess exceptional coding, electronics, *nix, telecom, or related
skills, then we will probably be asking if you want to join us. In other
words, don’t bother asking us, we’ll notice you if you’re TEI

Besides, why would you really want to join us? I mean, the endless parade
of cash, drugs, and horny young hoochies is very wearisome. Our constant
moral infractions surely result in upturned noses and finger-wags from
the priggish beau monde. Can you imagine how disparaging that must feel?
Oh, who am I kidding? Bring on the sluts!


06. Can I have a shell / web-space / e-mail account?



07. Will you link to my website if I link to yours?

Yes, if we feel it has content relevant to the the TEI or DWO community. So,
no, probably not.


08. Where can I find you guys on IRC?

You won’t find us on efnet, dalnet, or any other fagnet. Any Takedownman
channels you may find on these networks are probably run by people who
worship us, and only a crackbrained philistine would do that. Therefore
they should probably be avoided.


09. This site is an affront to my wholesome christian sensibilities, how
do you sleep at night?

On a big pile of money with many beautiful ladies.


10. I’m a very special kind of retard, is there anything else I need to
be told?
Yeah, of course there is.

. If you have a question and you don’t know who to send it to, send it to the fucking part that says contact!
If you spam the whole group you will be ignored, blacklisted, and
automatically subscribed to dozens of gay porn ads ENJOY!
. You are permitted to bask in our reflected glory only. Direct exposure
to our full glory is not only impermissible but may also be mortiferous.

. Our hectic celebrity lifestyles keep us very busy wallowing in decadence
and we simply don’t have time to respond to every e-mail. So don’t go
kill yourself if we don’t write back… or do, we don’t really care.

FINALLY! Will you take down a post because it offends my pussy like hurt baby feelings?
No fuck you, fuck off, go play in traffic and this goes for hillbillies as well, I will translate for you… “dur, dur durdurdur, duh dur, sisterfucker, maw paw, bur durh dhr!”

Thanks “Hack Canada” for this awesome shit!

Also this site is purely for news worthy and satirical purposes, so if you think it is illegal, nope we just said it was one or the other and depending on legalities is what whatever article we post depending on the law. Fuckers!