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First things first!National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255

I am NOT putting up this video to be cool or edgy! I am putting up this video as a warning to parents who let their children go on social media unchecked! Many times people how their true feelings and more so when they are teens and feel as if no one cares! We live in a very cold world, where sadly no one cares a thing about you until you go through these lengths, then suddenly everyone cares. However a warning to those thinking about doing this, you will be here today and gone tomorrow! The world literally moves to fast for people to go on thinking about it. It is better if you work on YOU and become something that makes you happy! Sure for many of us our teenage lives sucked! However life does get better when YOU make a way for it to happen! As parents we must REALLY do our part to show our children there is a better way and they do have a nonjudgmental ear to listen, there are also MANY free counseling services out there to reach out to!

Taken from “the Hidden Truth Blog”
“On December 30, 2016, 12 year old Katelyn Nicole Davis, one of your tortured and victimized child-slaves, murdered herself by hanging in Cedartown, Georgia, amerikkka. Nothing new about children murdering themselves. Thousands do so, every year. You do not care, your media refuses to cover these incidents, your coroners refuse to officially pronounce most child suicides, as acts of suicide. Your governments hush up all these thousands of child suicides, it’s a private, family matter, says the govt. Yes, the same family that drives the child to murder himself, is entitled to cover it up.

Maybe 12 year old Martyr Katelyn knew these Forbidden Truths, on some level. Maybe that’s why she decided not merely to record her Self-murder, but to live stream it over the internet, carefully setting up her cell phone to record it all.

You did a good job, Katelyn. But not good enough, the amerikkkan regime has spent 1000’s of hours trying to remove this video from the internet.

I had to spend more than an hour expertly searching, before I could find the full, uncensored, 42 minute livestream of 12 year old Katelyn’s suicide. The ISIS beheading videos are easier to find online! This is because the terrorist agents of the amerikkkan regime are literally forcing owners of websites to remove this video. This news article confirms it:

I finally did locate the uncensored video. You can view it in full at this url

It is the second video from the top. As you will see, there is NOTHING graphic, no blood, no gore, just the Forbidden Truth of what you do to EVERY child-slave, revealed to you by this one courageous child-slave.

The video is censored by the terrorist agents of the amerikkkan regime, because it reveals Forbidden Truth.

All of Katelyn’s online activities have been systematically erased by society and government. Just as she no longer exists, the Truth of what she was, the Truth of what you as a society did to her, must be erased from all of human consciousness. And so it will be.

If 12 year old Katelyn had walked into her school with a gun and massacred many, or slaughtered her entire family inside of their Sacred Family Unit prison, it would be news. The media and government could and would demonize her as evil, mentally ill. But because she was too broken, destroyed, Self-hating to direct her justified homicidal rage outward, she will be rendered invisible.

Invisible in life, invisible in death, this is what all child-slaves are. Because to see Katelyn, in the light of Truth, is to see yourselves as you are: Murderers, destroyers of all children.

In providing a direct link to this censored video, a video every adult should be forced to watch, I honor Truth, and I honor Myself as your victim.”

The video and help and people to talk to as well can be found here:

Contact me @ Takedownman is one of the realest entertainers alive! He is the CEO of Takedownman Ent Inc! He has worked for XM Radio, 454 Life Productions, 103 Jamz, 97.5 The Beat, 101.3 2WD and a variety of other networks and stations. He has also worked for MANY different productions and editing companies, has acted, produced, directed and so on in many different music videos and film and worked for some of the biggest names in thr entertainment industry! He is one of the owners of Outrage ent & MTC Ent. He is here because he really doesn't know why, but yeah he's here! Oh yeah it's because the whole site is named after him!

93 thoughts on “Full Uncensored Live Stream of 12 y.o.Katelyn Nicole Davis Suicide

        1. So this is how it works? Tricking people suicide is the answer then them getting fucked up in Hell. Her suicide was interesting. She knew exactly what she was getting into. The emotions started to flow when she was at final stage. This is probably how all intentional suicides look-like that never gets seen. I started to feel so bad when she was apologizing. She could have called it quits. This video should be shown to many people. Her “torment” inside really came out or at least I felt. A lot of the parts of the video looked normal. You cannot fix or understand when people are in “normal” state. It’s when things become on the edge of death is where the real answers start and true character start showing. This is exactly what should be understood but in order to be understood it has to be Seen.

    1. All Katelyn wanted was to be loved. Not rejected by her own father. Not treated like a slave by her mother. Not bullied at school and and online. Not sexually abused by her mom’s boyfriend. These folks should be totally ashamed that they destroyed her emotionally physically and mentally. She was just a child. This was a form of torcher and those who did those things to push her to the point of no return should be in jail. I pray that God has mercy for this precious soul. R.I.P. Katelyn!

      1. I agree. Everyone needs to watch this but some people may not be able to handle and need therapy afterwards but some need to watch it to understand what is truly going on in girls minds. A lot of the video earlier was normal but the real depression wasn’t shown until she was ready on the bucket. This is crazy. I wanted to see some suicide vids but this is probably the best one, best one because it really shows the pain she was feeling. How she wasn’t good enough or something? I can’t figure that one out but at least it gives good clues and eventually understanding will come and stay w/ us forever that would have Never happened if it wasn’t started from this video.

  1. I could be completely wrong… but something about the whole N.D saga smells like a psyop.

    That being said… my heart goes out to this girl. I kinda hope it’s a psyop because perhaps she is still alive.

  2. Such a sad sight to see. If people would have listened such a sweet young child like her wouldn’t end up to have to do things like this. Its highly unfortunate that this is what it takes to have a childs voice heard. May god rest your soul Katelyn.

    1. maybe young men will be nicer to all the young lady’s out there ,they have hearts ,and there not made to be teased, and called nasty names, please don’t treat young girl nasty and use them and dump them please just leave them all ne ,you don’t no just how fragile THIER minds are ! , so I beg all you men out there please remember how Dolly died , you wouldn’t want to be responsible,and carry that around with you the rest of your life would you ? Please be kind to young lady’s please!

      1. Here’s the issue in a nut-shell… It seems now a days people are more worried about the drama vs a REAL life with REAL friends and REAL memories. We have initiated a society or instant gratification to the point where REAL human interaction is frowned upon, people would rather swipe left or right rather than taking the time to get to know one another.

  3. Please take this down out if respect for her loved ones . Come man. Not cool. If your daughter or mother had done this and there were idiots watching this ma king stupid fuckin comments. Have some integrity.

    1. Because yes, you are offended so let’s just take it down, so YOU feel better and let’s all hide it because YOU are offended and let’s pretend this never happened…. Yeah how about you read the TOS…

      1. No you can’t take it down!! PEOPLE need to open their fucking eyes. She is just one of 1000s I was raised in an abusive home, like her, just a few differences. This child was BROKEN down to her soul!! What she did was her only way out,to tell the truth,to show everyone she was stuck & broken and no matter who she told in her many, many ,many videos what was going on she knew it wasn’t going to get better not for her not for her siblings!! God bless her young self. She was smart & gifted none of it mattered.because no one cares………….

        1. The problem is people do care, but sadly social media is the last place someone should ever look for love. The issue is when children go in attended online, they are led straight to social media, instead of where they can get some real help. Sadly though when we have parents like hers out there this will in-fact keep happening over and over again! A sad but true truth!

      2. I have to agree with you people need to stop hiding from what makes them uncomfortable and face WHY it makes them uncomfortable.Hiding from problems doesn’t make them go away we have to face them. Maybe if her “loved ones” had done that this poor girl would be alive today. I am not perfect no one is but we need to stop sugar coating things and deal with the problem

        1. The sad truth is her so called “Loved Ones”, didn’t really care at all. She was another mouth to feed to them and another welfare check for her mom to buy dope with…

      1. Exactly! Katelyn deserves to be seen.. she was young, but if this is the only way she can truly be looked at. An unflinching glimpse into her life of abuse and pain. This needs to be seen! Its the worst thing i have ever seen, but goddamnit i watched! This is her justice right here because the police arent doing shit. There isnt any punishment for her excuse of a mother and pig rapist! Everyone look! Dont wash your hands of this innocent baby because she was a BABY let this be a lesson to all. We must intervene when children are in distress. She wanted to be seen and heard honor cannot grasp the severity until you actually hear her until you look this isnt a sound bite sugar coated news clip this is the tragedy this is the TRUTH! I wont forget! We will not forget!

    2. She obviously Wanted the video up, Or she wouldn’t have live streamed it. My sister committed suicide and my family erased her my mom refuses to talk about her. When I asked my mom why she chose my dad over her she said she didn’t want to be homeless.

    3. Your a little wanna be bug guy YOU want it down because YOU are the person who made katlyin do YOUR probley the mom the dad or the fucking boyfriend that abused her

  4. I am so glad that you have this story because so many sites have taken the live streamed video of Katelyn down. Your videos are so clear and seem so accurate….Thankyou for what you do Bro.

  5. You should also provide links to her 37 streams that are archived by others on youtube to give more of a picture of who she was instead of just the end. She was an amazing angel too good for this fucking shitty world and the selfishness of the adults that were in her life.

    Other than her brother and sister and her kind aunt that also sadly passed away, the rest of the adult “loved ones” didn’t give a shit about her.

  6. On behalf of the family of Katelyn Nicole Davis please take down this heartbreaking video. The criminal investigation is still open and we ask that you remove this video.

    1. Seeing how you are from Portland, OR I highly doubt that…. Remember this site is owned by the DWO and networked by actual hackers. Please do not lie.

      1. Omg. I at first didnt want to watch but made myself. I just dont get how no one, no one watching the live was able to stop this. So sad. Prayers for this angels soul.

  7. I think a part of me just died inside.
    I was once in a very similar position to her… And tried to hand myself in my closet…I failed but now that I’ve seen this I just feel….so…. I dont know. It’s horrible. Rest in peace Katelyn. I’m so so sorry.

  8. I was reading into cyber bulling suicide, I guess, icons for lack of a better word. I stumbled upon Katelyn and also a Canadian adult films actress named August. I definitely appreciate the post. Wasn’t expecting to be able to find this whole video honestly. Raw footage is always the most penetrating to emotions. Also, what’s the closet major city to me haha? Super cool that you hack.

  9. This is so sad.. I lived in Polk county for a good couple years before I moved back to my home town a couple hours away, and this kinda stuff never had happened in that community before. It’s very rural and largely undeveloped and low-income. Most people are real religious and it just shocking. I went to the candle light vigils and all with some of my friends from cedartown but I had never seen the video until now. So Haunting. Her mom was real sweet, bless her family. This made my hair stand up. Hearing it on the news and on Facebook from all my friends from cedartown/rockmart, going to the fundraisers and vigils, it seems was never real until now.

    1. Well the issue here is seeing what I seen about this her mom in real life wasn’t very sweet at all to her. We are working on a part two coming soon digging deeper into all of this.

      1. I know ~ Katelyns,s ~ Mother Tammy.. and She is a really nice person,, who is devastated by the loss of Her ~ Daughter ~. And the subsequent loss of Her other children. Due to a drug setup. I have been trying for the past year to help Her. Social media is a lowest common denominator hell hole. Your not helping anyone by having this video. It almost killed me. Im sure its responsible for many suicides. It , combined with the tragic fame jt has engendered for ~ Her ~.. makes a suicide attractive.

        1. After watching all the shit that led up to this, I am thinking she didn’t need children! I watched her mother abuse and neglect her and her siblings, the dump they lived in ect. Her mother was nothing more than a 2 bit junkie! She and her boyfriend should be held accountable! So you are the one helping to try to bring something innocent back to that hell! The videos are all still up online!

  10. I couldn’t watch her go through with it. Her crying and apologizing over and over just tore me up. I thought it wouldn’t get to me when I started to watch but when she started talking to her phone she then went from being a thing on the screen into someone’s daughter that was it for me. I just can’t.

  11. Nobody was born to suffer, it is acceptable to commit suicide, people are so ridiculous that they see this scene and feel sorry for the girl, do not have to feel sorry for it goes to a much better place, God will understand the reason for your suicide, I think of doing this soon, I see no future in my life, I do not want to be a slave under a corrupt government, I would rather kill myself God will understand my motives …

    I only know one thing when I commit suicide I will die happy and not sad, death is only one so die happy and not sad.

    1. Trust when I say this I often find comfort in the face of death myself. If it wasn’t for my love and kids, I would have done it a long time ago.

  12. 13 reasons why brought me here. RIP angel. this is so heartbreaking. people need to face the sad truth of suicide instead of running from it and not talking about it!!!!

  13. Duh fuh is with all of these business named posts? This was about a 12 yo who took her own life online for her followers to see (for which I’m still trying to understand why after watching previous videos she had made) now is flooded with business names?

  14. Her story deserves to be told but there should be something good that comes from something so horrific something to let others know this is not the answer there’s always hope I agree the video should be took down instead of acting as another losts child’s reason to be immoratalized on the web for there pain the real way to honor her an her struggle is to tell her story then let her rest may you finally be whole an at peace Katelyn truly sorry you felt you were alone an forgotten you weren’t an never will be xoxo

  15. Well done, the posting, the video,
    …the sentiment. As a licensed funeral director, I see the aftermath. I pity her turmoil, not her choice. Thank you for posting.

  16. So truly sad. . . I Wish i could hade known her to help her in any way. Where on Earth is god? Maybe he is sleeping, unable to hear all the souls crying. RIP Katelyn.

  17. An important factor to happiness is learning your place. If you are meant to be a subordinate you should not be a leader as with born leaders they make terrible followers. Before children can learn this they need to know THEY HAVE a place. A place of security and love. The things just right above basic needs in Maslows pyramid. If they are not provided a place to have they will create one for themselves and sometimes it will be lonely and dark only to be multiplied against their imagination.

  18. Absolutely fucking heartbreaking!! Such a beautiful and sweet girl 🙁

    Pretty crazy to hear someone looking for her in the background.

    I’m 38 ATM and have gone through many depressions and thought about suicide many times, I have nobody but I don’t have the balls to do it.

    I’m surprised she didn’t struggle that much but damn, so sad!

  19. This is one of the saddest things i have ever saw, she was just a baby! She just wanted love and acceptance, its unfortunate that her family couldnt give her something so simple.

  20. I have to take a medication that will not allow my body to cry, or feel most emotions, but this fucking tore my heart up. She’s gone. She’s an empty space. No one can replace her. I’m crying now. This is what is WRONG with the world. I’ve been in her place before, fuck, I’ve even attempted. I can’t imagine what her final moments were like. During the whole video, I felt tightening around my neck. Her gasping for breath, her head feeling like it was going to explode, regret, or maybe a sense of peace? Maybe her neck snapping while she was still conscious. Who the hell would ever say she’s a whore? If I had known her, I would’ve fucking hugged her every day, let her stay over at my house, stay at her house, ANYTHINg so she wouldn’t have done that. Anything. I’ve come back to this subject, Katelyn in particular. When someone live streams that, it’s a subconscious cry for help. I’m not even allowed to be near rope, and the medications have been “hidden”. She didn’t get that chance. We need to share this, before this happens, again and again, and again until we become so desensitized, we just ignore it. Fuck humans. Fuck sentience. Fuck life. Maybe it would be better if humans just killed themselves off. We wouldn’t have to deal with this shit anymore.

    1. I agree! It is a sad fate we as humans have put upon ourselves. The issue isn’t the person who wants to die, but the lack of compassion we as a species have for one another. It is almost like no one cares until it comes to this point, but by this point it is to late to turn it around. Once that decision has been made, next to nothing is going to stop that person from going back. Then all you see and hear is why, how much they miss them and love them, ect. By that point and time it’s really to late. I hope one day we as a community and a people start to build up one another, but sadly people want things like this to happen. To them it is martyrs for the cause so to speak. It, to them is a necessary evil to prove their point. I do not believe this, our cause should be to make EVERYONE feel welcome, not apart! If you ever need to talk feel free to reach out here or in our forums! I am actually going to make a section for just this thing! So people maybe can reach out and make a friend, sometimes that is all it takes is just ONE person to change a world! Sorry for the long post, but felt this needed to be said!

  21. Are you all nuts? The girl fucking HUNG herself before your eyes and you’re just muttering about ‘the story has to be told’, ‘she deserves to be known’! She fucking HUNG herself, Jesus fucking christ my heart nearly stopped when I saw that and you’re all just.. Un-fucking-believable.

  22. It was so heartbreaking to her go through that. If it was a child under my care I don’t think I would ever fully recover from it. Thanks for sharing where others don’t want to. Kids at this point in their lives are emotionally vulnerable and while helicopter parenting is not necessarily a good thing it is important to be involved in your children’s lives and be vigilant of signs like emotional problems.

    On the other hand I’ve heard too many idiots saying shit like we’re raising “a generation of snowflakes” or calling children weak or pathetic then suddenly they are upset when they lash out violently or commit suicide and are so shocked looking for a reason why. Compassion is not weakness and leaving people to suffer is not strength or “building character”. The sooner we realize that, the sooner we can become better people.

  23. I read through what you have to say, and as a parent, i would like to thank you for pointing out how our society treats children. America is a childist nation and we need to talk about it and call people out for it. Katelyn is a classic case of childism. Her mother was a drug addict who would leave for days at a time, leaving her with her younger siblings. The house was trashed and falling apart. Her step father molested her and her two siblings, and yet the mother stayed with him. Katelyn caught her mother on camera admitting to all of this. Her step father was also dating a 17 year old girl. These videos were posted online, and yet no one got the police involved. Her father lived a few miles away and yet never even bothered to check on his daughters wellbeing, even knowing her mother was on drugs. Both of her parents knew she had tried to od a few months before, and yet no one attempted to help her. The abuse went on. All of these transgressions have come to light, and even now, no arrests have been made, her mother still has her other two children, the child molesting stepdad is still out, dating teenage girls, and all the while, sites who try to bring attention to the seriousness of this situation, are penalized and forced to remove the truth. Childism in america can not continue. Everyday, children are murdered, sexually abused, beaten, and neglected, and we allow it, all because we, as a society, do not see the value in a childs life. We need to stop this and im glad to see someone is doing something. Keep up the good work sir.

  24. OMG! I can’t believe I actually saw it! I saw her videos on youtube. I live in TN. My God IF I only could’ve seen her other videos sooner, I’d done my best to help her. I’ve been there before, trying to kill myself. I didn’t suceed, I tried OD’ing. I’m 52 ATM & her so called “mother” didn’t deserve one child. I can’t have children but would’ve gladly taken her. My God it was 45 mins live on FB??!! NO ONE did anything to help? WTF? This world IS HELL.
    R.I.P. Sweet Angel Katelyn

    1. Sad but true people were telling her to do it, that’s the sad part and now everyone wants to cover this up like it never happened! NOT US, NOT TODAY! #Justice4Katelyn

  25. I hope you found peace in the universe. Rest easy babygirl all the sick people out there who should have held your heart with kindness who think they will ruin this earth for selfish gain have a whole different generation coming for them!

  26. Its a shame, all she wanted was some attention that wasn’t negative and instead the world took a shit on her. Its a shame shes not the only one having to live the way she did. I think she could have really done alot for people if she had the chance.

    1. It seems now a days people are more worried about the drama vs a REAL life with REAL friends and REAL memories. We have initiated a society or instant gratification to the point where REAL human interaction is frowned upon, people would rather swipe left or right rather than taking the time to get to know one another.

  27. My God this was so upsetting to watch this video went on for more than 42 minutes and almost over 30 minutes she hung there while people watched instead of somebody contacting her mother and letting her know what was going on or why dating someone that was watching try to talk her out of it when the video ended she still wasn’t found makes me wonder how long she hung there before they even found her. I’ve watched numerous videos of hers and she had mentioned numerous times that she was going to go out there and put a stool by the tree and hang herself right there is a cry for help maybe even her streaming it live was a cry for help maybe she thought that someone would find her in time that she was trying to put a message out there to her family so someone would listen to her. from my recognition most people who commit suicide do not allow it to be known the ones that talk about it are reaching out for help I know this for a fact because I have a daughter who tried to commit suicide more than one time and each time she tried we never knew about it she would be happy and joking around with us and go upstairs and slice her wrist or pretend she was going to bed and try to hang herself and we never knew it. its those who don’t talk about it are the ones that don’t want to be saved we didn’t know that my daughter was suffering from depression we didn’t know that she was trying to kill herself until a teacher in school saw her wrist not even me her own mother knew this after we found out we got her medical attention she is now 32 years old and still suffers from extreme depression but with the proper help and medication she doesn’t think or at least I don’t think she thinks about suicide anymore we can’t turn a blind eye on this subject yes it was heart-wrenching watching this and watching that she didn’t even struggle and every time I heard her mother calling out for her I was taking deep breaths wondering how much longer it was going to take for them to find her as night fell. May she be in a better place now and not suffering from depression anymore and abuse. Rest in peace sweet Katelyn

  28. Yeah, that’s sad. This world puts to much stress, and pressure on these kids nowadays. It’s relentless. Her mind wasn’t even fully developed yet. Never had a chance.

  29. I’m crying so hard. This is so sad. She just wanted to be loved… That poor baby.. she deserved so much better. Rest In Peace you Angel. I wish you had a better life and that you didn’t have to go this way… 💔

    1. No one does! Sometimes though people feel as if this is the only way out! It seems now a days people are more worried about the drama vs a REAL life with REAL friends and REAL memories. We have initiated a society or instant gratification to the point where REAL human interaction is frowned upon, people would rather swipe left or right rather than taking the time to get to know one another.

  30. I only found out about her and her story a month ago but ever since I’ve been thinking about her and will continue to do so.

    Looked up all her videos, her diary.. such a pretty girl with her whole life in front of her. Breaks my heart every time and I know fucked up shit!!

    Watched the video again, 🙁 Will never forget you! 🙁


  31. So it doesn’t hurt that much and it’s kinda fast… i’m over 30, don’t care about me, but this could be educational for young people who wants to end their lives, maybe that’s why this testimonies are erased from the medias. That poor little girl… i understand what it’s to be broken, but why did she wanted to record her end?, she wanted someone to be punished?, but she didn’t mentioned, i can’t understand that part, it was social media/followers a motivation?, i would never record my ending, i can’t understand that part… she was a inmature kid tho, it doesn’t have to make sense… but it puzzles me.

    1. See you say it could be educational, yet I say it could be a deterrent. I think as we get older we forget what it was like to be a kid. More over when you start to really research this child and what led up to thius point! She was abused, sexually abused by her moms boyfriend, her mother being on drugs and always gone, her getting into another relationship with a grown man and so on! ALL of that led to this. So not understanding why is understandable if you really never take the time to research whom this child was and what she went through. We are working on an article to show what happened and what led up to this but it is a LOT of stuff and we need to show a timeline and compilation to show it wasn’t just one but MANY mitigating factors that ultimately led to this. Lest she be forgotten and no one care we do! This is something no matter how many times it is taken down, we will repost everywhere, so people know the truth and scum like her mother and mothers boyfriend never get away from the real story and stop playing victim!

  32. Hello Takedownman,

    Well.. I don’t know where to start actually. I’m going to be honest with you because I do believe the world where I live in is totally messed up and I can’t take it anymore. I were searching for a hanging video to see how it actually works. I’m not going to share my emphaty because nobody gives a fuck about me. This is not really scarring me at all. My plan is to erase myself in a couple of days, weeks or I don’t know. Enjoying as much I can, which I deserved. Why am I comment this topic is because I’ve nothing to lose. It’s really amazing what you want to try to do but I must admit this video motivated me more to do it. Imagine other people had the same thoughts after seeing this topic. You’re a good man but there are plenty of other ways to help people in the right way.


    1. It’s not so much about helping as it is getting justice for a 12yr old girl who it seems the world wishes to cover up the wrongs done to her! Nothing more nothing less. I am pro suicide, I do believe there are some people who just cannot live a good life. However this situation was NOT one of them, she was 12 bullied, harassed and sexually abused! That is the sad hard truth. I wish you the best in whatever it is you decide to do.If you decide to live may your days be long and happy and if you decide the latter, may it be swift and painless. If you are a child though, I would suggest reaching out to people and what not because shit don’t always stay like that. If you are an adult you make your own decisions and well….. I am not going to stop you. Either way I wish you the best.

  33. I don’t think there will ever be full justice for Katelyn. Justice would mean an equal reaction to the things that caused her action and there were just too many factors, many of which are barely even brought up, mainly the influence of social media on young people today, many adults included. She didn’t want to die. She was asking for help and nobody was there, which is even more apparent when you watch this video. It’s as if she was waiting for someone to show her they cared and stop her, but her phone remained silent the whole time. No calls, IM’s, texts….until her mother started blowing her phone up afterwards. She had nobody. Lived out in B.F.E. No real friends around. These factors alone are enough to push a young child that has learned to equate their self worth with the number of likes they get over social media over the edge, unless the child has a strong, loving family relationship, which apparently she didn’t have that either. I’ve been there. Luckily in my case I had someone around that did care somewhat to rush me to the hospital when I laid my wrist wide open at 17. But just like in her case, the caring only lasted for a short time afterwards and then it was gone again. I made it through those times. Partly because I was a little older and adulthood was just around the corner, but mainly I think it’s because I didn’t have no where near the pressure of today’s children to be accepted, or the ability of others to instantly hurt me with the click of a key. What’s really heartbreaking for me is knowing how she probably was feeling her life at that moment was all she would ever have. I can remember those years. They seemed to last forever, but you get older and realize they were just a fraction of what life really is. You find out all those things your life revolved around at that age are petty and insignificant. Wish there would have been somebody around besides social media to tell her that. Her story is very powerful. I believe that the best justice for Katelyn would be if somehow she was able to RIP knowing that she has touched so many lives for the positive. Stay kind with them keys people, or atleast make sure Katelyns’ aren’t on the other end of your so easy to do attacks from behind a keyboard if you’re just so weak you feel the need to hurt people constantly. Thanks Takedown. I was herded by google to her story after watching police involved shooting and wasn’t going to even comment which I rarely do these days until I seen you were keeping it respectable. It is hard to watch the video, but at the same time it is factual and I would say a very relevant issue with our world today.

  34. Hey Takedownman,

    I want to thank you for the post. I’ve accidentally stumbled on it when I was searching for how often and why do people commit suicide when I found one article that mentioned Katelyn’s death. I tried to search for more info and eventually found this post.

    And I’m glad I did. There are so many heartwarming responses from various people, as well as interesting and eye-opening opinions. I can’t believe people called her whore and actually encouraged her to kill herself. I knew people on the internet could be harsh, but this is a whole another level. From what I understood, she tried to reach for help, but received nothing but more hate. That is truly both stunning and incredibly disgusting, cold-hearted behaviour.

    I will save this post and keep it as a reminder, that there are both, people who care and those, whose hearts are filled with hate, resentment and selfishness. And I hope that if a day ever comes, when there is someone who needs help or an advice, I will be able to see that and proceed to do so.

    Many people have received the message. May your soul rest in peace, Katelyn.

    1. So if all people choose to kill themselves they will have peace? NDE Hell videos say otherwise.. The world is going to get crazier once people will realize how much work they need to put out in order to survive. Amazon fulfillment centers. A lot of people have become rich but trying to invest now means making the people before rich making future people poor and forced to work crap jobs. A lot of this stuff could be happening. Who knows, probably some people who commit suicide make it into peace but if they get it wrong there’s no redo. In a way it could be like going in a super cold or super hot shower and never coming out. People committing intentional suicide in a state of peace is the same. Some people are meant to work but the idea is to find work where there is peace and enjoyment. There is a role designed for everyone. Some people just can’t find it so they do stuff like this. Billions of years going by and the negative state Could remain the same. Some people being born cancer children living a few years and probably making it into Heaven is better than people living 70+ getting shot up by Police maybe.

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