Starting Off The New Years Early!

Hey everyone what’s up it’s your boy Takedownman!

Today we are going to talk about some real stuff. What I want out of life, YouTube and and so on. It’s honestly something that have been needing to be said, but due to relationships, friendships and so on I haven’t said it! Well today I am going there! This is a like it or not, I could really care less video!

So firstly I know you can tell, YES I am in a hotel again! We had something called a hurricane come through and really screwed everything up!

Also what does it matter where I stay when I’m the one paying for it? I can also assure you most of the people who are out there talking a bunch of crap on me for staying in one are also the ones who can’t afford it.

Also if I get these warrants cleared in time and court fines paid in time, I will be in Japan, if not you will be seeing me recording from my HOME, oh yeah I do own a home, two actually. They were both left to me from my grandfather. I can also promise you, you will never know where it is. Also I do not care if you believe that or not, because you aren’t paying my bills.

I am in FL right now for my own reasons, reasons that are none of your concern, because you do not pay my bills. This is called real life and in real life I am pretty sure you would be told the same so get used to it!

Should you ever figure it out, it isn’t the neighborhoods in either you want to go into not knowing anyone there! Not even that they are in bad neighborhoods, they are just those towns that are very small and if you go there, yeah you may not .

Also I find it funny how a lot of people seem to think their opinions of me matter, guess what they don’t! So your opinions don’t matter!

To those making threats to me from your little anon accounts, feel free to follow up on them and really make good. I would LOVE a reason to make an example out of someone, trust!
One thing I have learned though is if you have that much time to invest in making fake accounts and talking your mess, guess what you are the same ones who won’t do a thing!
You are to busy stalking me to be making money to come and do whatever it is you think you are going to do.

To those who think they can make me regret my life choices, yeah not going to happen. I have very few regrets in my life, beyond wasting time on people who who don’t deserve it and most certainly didn’t earn it!

Be it relationships, trolls, haters, even some family members who I could care less about. Yeah that stops here and now!

You can leave a rude or nasty comment and you will be blocked and comment removed. Problem solved!
I don’t have time to waste! I work full time, so I have better things to do!
Speaking of which, I make these videos because I like to do it as a hobby!
This is not my career! So to those who think they offend me by making comments about my channel being taken down saying I am now a loser, LMAO you do realize I don’t rate success or failure based on how many views I get right?

If you have to, well then you probably are a loser, just saying!
Also since this is a hobby I will be making whatever videos I want, like it, then watch. If not move on to something else. I change my mind 50 times a day! Sometimes I want to go live other times a regular video and sometimes none at all!

SInce I am working full time plus, I do what I can when I have time and actually feel like doing it!
Also my background is what it is, I don’t feel the need to explain it anymore. I have shown proof to things and feel like I have exhausted explaining it to anyone.

Also when it comes to my job and my money, whatever I choose to spend it on doesn’t need your approval. So your disdain for what I buy or do with my money, is nothing I care to hear. However, you are more than welcome to sit in quiet observation. Just give a dislike, then go back to your troll corner and drink your hater-aid!

To be honest I don’t owe any of you anything when it comes to my background! It didn’t happen to you and it was never against a child, so yeah get over it or once again move on.

To those of you who think you know me, yeah you really don’t! I PROMISE you this! When even I don’t know me fully, I can assure you you really don’t know me just by looking me up online!
To the people who say they know my exes and they talk bad about me, good for you cool story! Remember this they are exes for a reason.

Also if I am not with them there’s a GOOD chance I give two shits about them or what they have to say about me.

I am not going to explain messed up relationships or who did who wrong in every relationships, because I can promise you chances are we both messed each other over, NO MATTER who started it, it ended because we both wanted it done at some point!

Also when it comes to exes, YES Simplybonnie87 and I are no longer together, I haven’t talked to her in over a month. She has the right to a happy life that is conducive with the life she wishes to live. A life which is none of my business! So once again it’s none of my business, if she is with a new guy good for her! It was going to happen eventually. I do not look at any of her social media, nore do I watch any of her videos, so I have no idea what she is up to, as it should be!

Also it is none of her concern with what I am talking about or who I am with! I wish her the best, sometimes things just don’t work out and that’s what happened here. Also if you have anything to ask me about her I honestly have nothing to say either way.

If you want to know something about her, just ask and if she feels it is your business, well then she will tell you.

Same goes for me! Either I will answer you or tell you it is none of your concern or just ignore you all together, which many times is what happens.

When it comes to ANY info from my ex business partner, just remember this, I fired him, so yeah he is salty! So you are welcome to take any info he gives however you want it, but also remember it isn’t exactly unbiased, then again I’m sure those who do believe him isn’t very educated to begin with. You probably also believe Patty Mayo is a real Sheriff and bounty hunter at the same time lol.

When it comes to me I have Asperger’s, YES I am on the spectrum for ASD, I also have ADHD and am OCD and I am legally blind. I have claimed ALL these things when I first came on YouTube, just people chose not to listen. I was in special ed for it since 4th grade until I graduated. I will be sharing different experiences I had growing up with it along with how it effects me to this day. But for those who think they are going to come to my channel and argue otherwise, once again not gonna happen, because you don’t matter. I would suggest you go somewhere else with someone who values your non-constructive criticisms.

However if you come here and are constructive, I am more than happy to hear you out, more so if I am wrong about something, something that has happened more than once. I am not an expert in any field as far as I know and there is ALWAYS something that can be learned!

So yeah as you can see a lot of things will be changing! If you cannot handle that or aren’t here for ME as a YouTuber and are only here for one thing or another and cannot handle different kinds of videos, you may just want to move along. Whether I have 1 view or millions I am enjoying myself, because I do this because I want to! Not for views, money or anything else. I make plenty of money, so I make money on here I do and if I don’t I don’t. Youtube will not make or break me I can promise you that!

So to the ones who stick around or join up with us WELCOME! To everyone else take it easy! As always this is your boy Takedownman saying peace out Mahalo and have a great day!

Contact me @ Takedownman is one of the realest entertainers alive! He is the CEO of Takedownman Ent Inc! He has worked for XM Radio, 454 Life Productions, 103 Jamz, 97.5 The Beat, 101.3 2WD and a variety of other networks and stations. He has also worked for MANY different productions and editing companies, has acted, produced, directed and so on in many different music videos and film and worked for some of the biggest names in thr entertainment industry! He is one of the owners of Outrage ent & MTC Ent. He is here because he really doesn't know why, but yeah he's here! Oh yeah it's because the whole site is named after him!

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