So here have it folks another faggot trying to to be scurry! So as it stands. I run into fags like this at least twice a day. Some “tospoofyforme”, little edge-lord, in his moms basement who thinks they are a bad ass. His dick is probably so small he can only tap it and can’t even jerk it! You probably get fucked in the ass by Craigslists memes,just so you know what a real cock feels like! Well I got news for ya buddy, you are a no one and if you are a pedo may you be ass raped by many gorillas carrying the aids virus and may you die a horrible death! That being said the faglords facebook is HERE!!! so have fun mocking him and making fun of him as I certainly did! Also may you fuck yourself in the mouth with a taser and deep throat a chainsaw. That is all, Real Nigga out!

Contact me @ Takedownman is one of the realest entertainers alive! He is the CEO of Takedownman Ent Inc! He has worked for XM Radio, 454 Life Productions, 103 Jamz, 97.5 The Beat, 101.3 2WD and a variety of other networks and stations. He has also worked for MANY different productions and editing companies, has acted, produced, directed and so on in many different music videos and film and worked for some of the biggest names in thr entertainment industry! He is one of the owners of Outrage ent & MTC Ent. He is here because he really doesn't know why, but yeah he's here! Oh yeah it's because the whole site is named after him!

1 thought on “The Faggotry Is REAL Folks! LMAO

  1. Hey TakeDownmMan, names Chris. I’m just gonna come forward and not hide anymore and say that I run the Baphomet Bloodworth Facebook page. It’s actually just a scary promotion for my movie I’m making coming soon called “The Last Baphomet”. It’s probably gonna be on YouTube maybe towards December? Idk. Anyways my actual Facebook page is Christopher Munera if you wanna check me out.

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